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About to take your first beach glamping trip? We can certainly relate. As the very first glamping resort in the Caribbean we know how it feels to embark on that particular adventure for the first time. Now that we’ve been in the business of providing luxury accommodations to adventurers craving the exhilaration of glamping on a deserted beach in the Caribbean for a while, we also have a million tips and tricks we would be happy to share.

In this guide we give you an overview of beach glamping and what to expect, share our tips on what to pack and what to do, and help you decide whether beach glamping in the Caribbean may be for you.

Out-of-the-ordinary camping experience with many of the creature comforts of a good quality hotel

What is Glamping?

Glamping (a compound of glamor and camping) is an out-of-the-ordinary camping experience with many of the creature comforts of a good quality hotel and all the therapeutic qualities of nature you find in traditional camping. At the very least, you’ll find everything you need for a comfortable stay in your glamping accommodations: plush beds, furniture, portable power banks, bathroom facilities, and a safe way to store valuables.

More luxurious glamping grounds offer special touches to fulfill more of your wants. These range from fancy compounds with air conditioned accommodations and special tents like spa tents where guests can get treatments to simpler ones where the special touch is an amazing location like the top of a tree or next to the ocean (Wild Lotus Glamping falls in this latter category!).
Instead of the rugged tents found in traditional camping, glamping grounds provide luxurious looking tents, yurts, and pods that look appealing from the outside. Tents are also fire, water and insect proof so while you can enjoy all the sounds and sights of nature you never have to worry about nature actually coming in unless you want it to.

The only caveat is this: if you’re next to the ocean, you’ll want the sounds of the waves coming in every night so don’t go for anything sound proof!

Why do People go Glamping?

People go glamping for reasons ranging from personal convictions to keeping up with social media trends! In our experience, the major ones are:

  • Eco-Consciousness: Glamping sites usually use renewable materials from their environments to build their accommodations. It’s also common to use sustainable sources of energy and water because of their reliance on the environment. If you are socially and environmentally responsible, glamping should be a contender for your next vacation.
  • For A New Adventure: Although glamping is rapidly growing in popularity, it’s still relatively new in the travel world so for many it’s a brand new experience. If you like charting a new course and doing the unusual you may want to try glamping.
  • Access to Unique Locations: Like camping, glamping grounds can be located in places regular hotels cant go or would find unprofitable. Want to camp out in a treetop, there’s a glamping site for you. Always wanted to live among the lions on Safari for a week, you can find a glamping resort there too. If you want to go to unusual places, glamping is a good way to do it.
  • Reconnect With Nature: Because glamping is really camping but in luxury, glamping puts you in touch with nature. Nature itself is a healing force that vacationers have come to appreciate more since the pandemic. If you like the idea of being healed by nature, you may be interested in these healing benefits of glamping.
  • Glamping is Popular on Social Media: There is so much to show off if you go glamping. It’s trendy, so everyone wants to do it (check out hot tub glamping for proof!). Some of the more unusual places the glamping grounds are located in make for viral pictures, and if you choose to go beach glamping, nothing looks more luxurious on your Instagram account than waking up next to a turquoise ocean in a gorgeous tent.

But what’s so special about beach glamping?

What Is Beach Glamping Like?

Get Closer to The Beach Than a Hotel Can Put You

Beach glamping puts you close to one of nature’s most impressive relaxants. With no walls to block out the sound of the ocean, glamping by the seaside immediately plunges you into a symphony of watery musical notes that can lull you to sleep as much as it can help you stay awake for long conversations with a lover or a friend.

Because the ocean is your backyard, or front lawn, depending on how you look at it, if you choose an oceanside glamping resort, you can also expect to spend whole days swimming in the ocean since it never takes more than a few steps to get to the turquoise waters. We don’t mean to boast, but our gorgeous lotus tents are 20 steps from the secluded beach at Valley Church Beach in Antigua where we’re located. Our guests get to enjoy the beach all by themselves for a few hours every morning and every evening!

Depending on where you choose to stay, you can also expect warm days and nights. If temperature is a concern for you, be sure to check normal temperatures for your expected dates of stay. If it seems too hot for you it’s a good idea to check if your glamping resort provides air conditioning. Many don’t because of the open air nature of tents so at the very least, ensure fans are included with your tent if being too warm may be an issue.

It’s Not All About The Beach

Although you’re on the beach, whatever island or location you choose should have lots to do. Activities close to beaches include cultural ones like festivals and local celebrations, hiking, museums, galleries, and watersports. In our ‘Glamping in The Caribbean’ section (next) we cover some of the most popular things you can do while glamping in the Caribbean.

Beach Glamping Bathroom Facilities

Bathroom facilities in beach glamping resorts run the gamut from private ensuites to shared facilities. The fragility of the beach accounts for the reluctance of more sustainable minded glamping resorts to put in permanent sewer systems. As a company keen on conservation, Wild Lotus Glamping has achieved the best balancing act between sustainable development and creature comforts in our bathroom facilities.

Dining Options While Glamping Beachside

When it’s meal time, glamping beachside is a real treat. Some beach glamping grounds arrange for meal deliveries akin to room service when meal times come around. Others are close to restaurants on the beach. At Wild Lotus Glamping, in addition to a closeby beachside restaurant, we give our guests the opportunity to fully immerse into nature with fire pits on the sand where they can grill pre-seasoned fish, meats and vegetables. No matter what the option for dining, few things in life beat dining with views of the ocean.

If that ocean is in the Caribbean, you can be sure of tropical greenery to complement the blue of the sea and easy flights back and forth. We find the Caribbean’s close proximity to the U.S. and the U.K is one of the leading reasons guests choose to come stay with us.

Why Go Beach Glamping in the Caribbean?

While glamping isn’t for everyone, beach glamping in the Caribbean is perfect for you if you love being next to a turquoise ocean, crave exploration, and want to get lost in a different kind of luxury.

Since you’re so close to the ocean, indulging everything you always wanted to do in the Caribbean Sea comes easy. That may be underwater explorations like snorkeling or romantic adventures you never wish to mention publicly.

If you're the adventurous type, you can always leave the excitement of your glamping resort to explore the rest of your tropical paradise. Cultural festivals, tiny art galleries, luxury boating events, musical events, exotic restaurants, and Japanese style forest bathing like the ones we offer at Wild Lotus are the tip of the iceberg of what you can do while beach glamping in the Caribbean. Check the tourism board of your island of choice for help planning a Caribbean itinerary before getting to your destination.

If your destination is our luxurious glamping resort in Antigua, we offer yoga on the beach, massages, forest treks, and cardio drumming . On the rest of Antigua, you’ll find 365 beaches for each day of the year, cute galleries, archaeological sites, animal sanctuaries and watersports. If you plan on visiting our Bequia resort, you’ll find the prettiest, most unspoilt beaches and all the nature you’re likely to want.

We hope you’re convinced to try glamping by the sea! If you wish to make Wild Lotus Glamping your campsite of choice, do visit our beach glamping accommodations page to see our luxury lotus tents. Or continue reading for more reasons to glamp with us in Antigua.

Why Choose Wild Lotus Glamping in Antigua

While many hotels in Antigua are beachfront, they are often the cookie cutter types that are so large you’ll be lucky if your room has a sea view. Our luxury tents are gorgeous with their lotus shape and stark white exteriors. And at just 20 steps from the water, blue is all you’ll see.

Our slice of heaven is also a secluded beach lit by tiki torches and twinkling strings of solar fairy lights that will enchant you when they come on at night. If you get the impression that our beach glamping resort is perfect for lovers you would be right. Many of our guests are lovers looking to reconnect or simply longing for long walks down their own stretch of beach while the sun lights the sky orange before disappearing for the night.

But adventurers will also enjoy the novelty of glamping in the Caribbean. Day time brings adventures like snorkeling, beachside yoga, cardio drumming and cooking on our seaside fire pits (we provide seasoned meats and lobster, you make it an experience and do the rest). We wrote about spending an imaginary day in our glamping beach resort if you want to imagine yourself at Wild Lotus!)

Soothing forest walks in the Japanese tradition of Shinrin Yoku Eco therapy and spa treatments promote the wellness you deserve (see these health benefits of glamping if you crave a wellness focused respite from your everyday life).

Our seaside glamping accommodations can also come with these additions:

  • The Smallest Bar in Antigua: it comes fully stocked with all your favorite beers, wines, spirits, and a delicious cocktail menu for you to work your way through
  • S’mores: ask for our scrummy s’mores menu and spend at least one night in front of the campfire indulging with your loved one.
  • A Personal Trainer: for those days you need an extra push to achieve your fitness goals.
  • A Free Conscience For the Sustainable Minded: We’ll admit: this is not a material addition. But we do find that our eco-conscious guests get satisfaction out of knowing they’re staying in a resort with a tiny footprint.

At the end of the day, after all your adventures, we take your safety seriously. Our friendly security beach patrol makes rounds throughout the day. The gate to the beach is locked at night, and the tents have security locks and (if you must bring it) there’s even a safe for your laptop bolted into the solid oak dressers that furnish the tents. So, though you’re 20 steps from the shoreline, you’re always safe when you book your luxury tent.

As a bonus, here’s a handy list with tips on what to pack when you go beach glamping.

What To Pack For A Beach Glamping Trip

  • Light Clothing: The beautiful thing about glamping steps away from the ocean is you’ll get to spend whole days in the sun or swimming in the ocean. Since you won’t be wearing much clothing, packing light refers as much to the quantity as it does the kind of clothing you should pack.
    If you chose to go glamping in a tropical climate like our Antigua or Bequia beach glamping resort it will always be warm, even when it rains. Limit the bulkier items you pack and opt for lighter pieces instead. Cotton and linen are always good choices!
  • Dinner Jackets/Dresses: While a majority of your clothing will need to be light, if you expect to go out for a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant, pack one or two appropriate outfits.
  • Good Sunscreen (if you stay with us, fresh Aloe Vera included!): If you’re traveling to a tropical beach don’t underestimate the power of the sun. Pack your favorite brand of sunscreen and an extra one in case you run through your first one quickly. If you plan on being our guests here at Wild Lotus Glamping, you're also welcome to the fresh aloe vera growing wild on the beach!
  • Hair Detangler/Protectant: Spending lots of time in the ocean may do a number on your hair. Pack your favorite hair care items as these may not be available on the island you visit.
  • An Underwater Camera: You can’t go to paradise and not have it show on your instagram account! And since you’ll be spending so much time in the sea, you don’t want to miss any of the colorful creatures you’re likely to see while swimming. You’ll also appreciate having a waterproof camera If it ever rains.
  • Your Own Snorkel Face Gear: Closely related to the underwater camera is your snorkel gear. You can’t snap those photos if you don’t have gear you can comfortably spend lots of time underwater in. While many beach glamping sites will provide flippers free of charge, guests normally want to bring their own face gear.
  • Water Shoes: Tropical islands are famous for waterfalls and other slippery slopes. If you’re an adventurer who plans on exploring these places, water shoes will give your feet that added protection from the undergrowth.
  • Hiking Shoes: In addition to water shoes, be sure to pack good walking or hiking shoes if you plan on doing any rugged adventures like hiking
  • Backpack and Hiking Gear: You’ll also want to pack any special gear you need for long hikes. Backpack and water bottles are a few things to consider.
  • Insect Repellant: Finally, you’ll want to pack insect repellant even if your accommodations offer insect screens or nets. Tropical insects are famous for being particularly pesky.

Beach glamping is about the simple luxuries of nature and charting your own way to a music only the brave can hear. We would love to help you chart your course in one of our luxury beach glamping tents

Everything You Need to Know About Beach Glamping With Wild Lotus
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