Published On: 29/05/20202.7 min read

Less is more. No concrete buildings, just a track down to the wooden beach bar, and just 6 luxury lotus belle tents, set right on the sand.

Caribbean Glamping

Wild Lotus Camp is the definitive in Caribbean glamping. With 365 beaches, one for every day of the year, it is little wonder that Antigua is best placed to offer the ultimate Caribbean glamping experience.

Set on Valley Church beach, on the west coast of Antigua, Wild Lotus Camp has been welcoming guests for the past 3 years. The yurt tents have a quirky mix of solid English oak furniture and antique brass beds, a nod to the English colonial history of the island. Each tent has a private outdoor shower with beautiful bananas, palms and trailing flowers.

From the comfort of your tent if you look to your right, you'll see hummingbirds and butterflies darting in and out of the flowers in the shower garden; look to your left for and the sea lapping on the beach, and beautiful golden sunsets.

This is not luxury in the typical sense; there is no ostentatious display of superfluous signs of wealth. No, this is simple, barefoot luxury. Caribbean glamping is about appreciating the intrinsic value of nature; the more untouched, the higher its value.

There's a 20ft Papaya tree in one of the outdoor showers, growing right out of the sand. Equally tall banana trees with their huge thick leaves are now bearing fruit and giving privacy and shade all across the site. Hibiscus bushes with their delightful large flowers have now been established, creating splashes of vibrant colour on what is otherwise a wide open stretch of pure golden sand beach.

Wild Lotus has created a lush, green tropical oasis just 20 steps from the turquoise hues of the Caribbean sea. Here' you can connect with nature and nourish your soul. It is the ideal venue for yoga retreats, solo mindful reflection, or a place where whole tribes can book the entire site and create their own space to reconnect.

If being waited on is your thing, then Caribbean glamping 'Wild style' may not be for you. Travel has changed so we've had to find ways of caring for our customers and making your stay special. We think we're pretty close to creating the perfect Caribbean glamping experience.

At night the beach is lit with solar fairy lights and the dancing flames of Tiki torches. There's a bar that you can hire for sundowners; it comes stocked with beers, wines and spirits of your choice, a cool box with ice and water, glasses and and a corkscrew. You'll have fun mixing your own cocktails and we've curated a delectable cocktail menu to give you some ideas.

There's plenty of wood for you to build a campfire and keep it stoked through the night and we'll deliver freshly seasoned lobster for you to BBQ and enjoy. Then we leave you to it, and you have a stunning Caribbean beach all to yourself.

If you're dreaming of your next holiday, and being on a deserted beach is what your heart desires, make sure you get what you pay for. If you really want a beach getaway, Caribbean glamping in Antigua is probably the best beach getaway that money can buy.

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