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Glamping on a Caribbean beach is truly a luxury. Elevate your glamping trip into a nature based wellness retreat and you’ve entered paradise.

During the pandemic we realized that more than ever our guests were enjoying how in tune with nature our wellness experiences were. Guests like you enjoyed the pure goodness of the nature based therapies that are a core element of our Naturally Wild Wellness Retreats. Some went as far as to call them heavenly! If you’re looking to be close to nature on your next Caribbean wellness retreat, here are some ways we use the magic of nature in our relaxing wellness experiences. They may just convince you to make Wild Lotus Glamping your next wellness destination.

The Ocean For Beachside Yoga

You do yoga to achieve Zen, a state of being that melts away everyday stresses and stills the problems running through your mind. Somehow all the downward dogging and saluting the sun gets you into that place where your soul gets still. Now imagine saluting the sun on a beach where waves come in from the Caribbean Sea with a gentle roar and everywhere you look is turquoise.

If your breathing instantly slowed and a smile tugged at your lips, we understand. Many of our guests smile the minute they see the clear blue water 20 steps away from our luxury tents. They can’t believe just how blue the ocean is. Those that book our yoga on the beach experience or one of our wellness retreats leave rejuvenated by the soothing power of the ocean. And there’s good reason for that.

Science has shown that being by the ocean is healing because of special particles in ocean air that boost mood and improve health. If you’re looking for a wellness retreat in the Caribbean you can’t do better than one by the ocean.

Speaking of the ocean, while doing any of our wellness treatments on the beach you’ll also have plenty of space to breathe.

The Ocean Air and Open Space to Breathe

Being steps away from the ocean--we’re 20 steps away!- improves your quality of life. Some of the health benefits of glamping by the sea include better sleep and mental clarity from breathing a better quality of air. But the salty ocean breeze on the beach is just the beginning.

Apart from the fact that our beachside glamping resort is as close to the sea as you can get, many of our wellness experiences immerse you into the wide open space of nature. Our yoga happens outdoors on the warm sands of the beach. Our CBD oil massages also happen by the water. And our forest bathing takes place amidst the greenery of our majestic rainforest.

With a population of less than 100,000 people, pretty beaches all around the island, and 22% of the land covered in lush rainforest, Antigua has plenty of fresh air to breathe and plenty of space to accommodate you on your next Caribbean wellness retreat!

The Forest For Soothing Forest Bathing at Wallings Nature Reserve

Journey with us along Antigua’s Green Corridor, past quaint rural villages and up into the rainforest where one of the therapies on our Caribbean wellness retreats takes place. Amidst the greenery we guide you to practice a Japanese eco-therapy, Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing in English) and share your skills with the people of John Hughes village who are the stewards of Wallings Nature Reserve.

Apart from stilling the spirit , Shinrin-Yoku has been proven to boost the immune system by increasing the number of killer cells in our blood. Forest trees emit chemical phytoncides into the air. These chemicals are designed to help plants fight diseases. It is these same phytoncides that you breathe in when deep inside the forest. As you inhale and exhale over and over, they deliver positive action on your blood cells.

All this takes place In Wallins Nature Reserve where ancient trees in countless varieties provide a tangled canopy as you walk below. During your breathing exercise don't be surprised if an unusual species of bird stops to say hello or lull you into calm with birdsong.

Natural CBD Oil For Our Oil Massages

The world recently discovered the wonders of cannabis for health. But the Caribbean people have always known that when used responsibly the plant is a wonder treatment. At Wild Lotus Glamping, we’ve made a soothing massage with cannabis oil sourced in the Caribbean part of our wellness retreats.

But we didn’t stop there. From our own garden, we added fresh aloe vera to soothe your skin. And we also use freshly picked paracetamol bush which is added for pain relief. It’s all nature based and ready for you when you visit. See more about our oil massages or plan your stay here.

The Environment for Eco-volunteering

Wallings Nature Reserve where our forest bathing takes place is the first community managed national park on the twin island state of Antigua and Barbuda. It is the site of a dam built in 1890 and designed to hold 13 million gallons of water to supply the surrounding villages.

This dam was abandoned but instead of allowing the surrounding forest to die, the local community took ownership of this piece of heritage with the aim of making it into a natural haven. Through volunteering their own time and expertise they have turned the dam and surrounding area into a historical reservoir, a popular picnic area, and a series of rainforest hiking trails.

If philanthropy and protecting the environment make you feel good, share your skills with local villagers in their ongoing quest to beautify the landscape. You can help maintain the trails to make the rainforest accessible, repair the reservoir, and re-build the trenches that bring water into the area.

At the same time, you will be contributing towards an international case study, funded by the Cherie Blair foundation, to document how empowered women leaders like Refica Attwood, CEO of Wallings Dam, can make a difference in adapting to climate change.

Transformative volunteering designed to benefit the environment is a core element of our wellness retreats. Through immersion in mindful tasks deep in the rainforest we create space for guests to reflect beyond their own immediate circumstances and be guided to consider their potential to become increasingly pro-social human beings, with a greater capacity for empathy and connection. Ask us about this opportunity if this seems like something that would bring you joy.

Why Wellness Retreats Are More Essential Than Ever Before

Today, after a global pandemic that took way too many lives, we desire well-being more than anything else. Here at Wild Lotus, we believe that in order for us to be well, the environment in which we live must be well. Naturally Wild Wellness is a skillfully curated experience that brings wellness to your body through natural therapies and joy to your soul through opportunities to connect with local communities. The energy this connection creates is blissful. After all, nature and service are two of the biggest healers known to humanity.

Learn more about wellness in our Caribbean Beach Glamping Resort.

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