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Once you go to Bequia, you’ll always return. Even if you don’t hear these exact words, speak to any group of people who’ve visited our tiny island and you’ll hear similar sentiments. Some will say they love Bequia because of the friendly locals everywhere. Others will say it’s the fun activities and cultural events around the island that make it their repeat destination of choice. But all will agree that Bequia’s unmatched beaches are some of the best for a Caribbean beach vacation.

Bequia is indeed the perfect place for a tropical escape

With white or golden sands, gorgeous turquoise water, and calm waves, on many of the beaches, Bequia is indeed the perfect place for a tropical escape. But after having the typical beach vacation again and again, you may be looking for a more unique way to experience Bequia. If it’s your first time visiting Bequia, you could also want to try something different. We may just have the answer for you. Beach glamping!

If you don’t know what beach glamping is, or you’re unsure if staying in a luxury tent on the beach will give you the comfortable vacation you want, here are four reasons to choose glamping over a traditional hotel or villa on your next Bequia trip.

There’s Nothing Between You and a Deserted Bequia Beach

There are many wonderful places where you can stay while visiting Bequia. The island may not have any mega resorts but everything from private villas to smaller luxury hotels can be found scattered around popular beaches like Princess Margaret, Lower Bay, and Moonhole beaches. You could stay in any of these beachfront hotels and enjoy the beach. But if you would prefer being so close to the ocean you can taste the tangy air, nothing puts you as close to the beach as one of our luxury tents.

Each of our tents are set among the trees, just steps from the ocean. So the minute you step out from their comfortable shade you’re next to the sea.There are no elevators or stairs to take to the ground floor before walking through a lobby and if you love the feel of sea breeze on your skin there is no wall separating you from the ocean breeze. Each tent door and window is fitted with fine mesh screens to keep out insects. These allow air to flow in so that while you sleep the breeze can kiss your cheek.

The design of our tents also allow you to hear the waves each time they crash. Whether you’re about to fall asleep or laying in your comfortable bed early in the morning you will always be able to hear the waves come in.

While we know you’ll enjoy the antique furniture and plush mattresses on the beds in our tents, when you do wake up and venture outside, the beach is private and yours for the taking. The only other people you may see are the other guests in our small resort or our beach patrol doing his rounds.

Beach Glamping Immerses You Into Bequia’s Pristine Nature

As an eco-conscious resort, we make a deliberate effort to highlight nature while respecting it. A traditional hotel may do its best to protect the environment but when it comes to bringing nature to you, nothing beats beach glamping.

Everything about our glamping resort will immerse you into nature. Instead of the closed off bathrooms you would find in a hotel, our bathrooms are open-air and surrounded by a privacy screen of colorful tropical plants that tickle your skin while you shower. Bequia is renowned for its greenery and fragrant plants so we’ve ensured that you can literally smell Bequia while you shower.

While the plants and other design elements of our unique bathrooms ensure privacy around you, if you do look up, you’ll see nothing but the golden sun if it’s day time, or a dark sky with bright stars if it’s night. There’s no better way to get lost in nature than by staring up at the sky! And just in case you’re wondering, we employ sustainable practices in our water supply so while you’re showering, our rainwater tanks bring natural water straight from the sky to your shower, while solar energy warms it.

If you explore our piece of the beach you’ll find the powder sand and tiny shells typical of Bequia’s beach on this Atlantic-facing side of the island. You could do the same at a traditional hotel but since our resort gives you your own private stretch of the ocean, you can do it in peace and quiet and with no worries about whether or not you’ve come early enough to reserve a beach chair.

If you do decide to try Bequia’s other beaches we’re close to the most popular ones. Princess Margaret Beach is 7 minutes away, Lower Bay Beach is 8 minutes away, and picturesque Port Elizabeth is a ten minutes' drive.

When it’s meal time, we’ve also brought nature into your dining options. Our breakfasts utilize some of Bequia’s best naturally sourced foods. Mangoes, avocado, papaya, and other tropical fruits sourced from local farmers guarantee that you always enjoy a breakfast straight from nature. The breadfruit and jackfish we add as a homage to Bequia is also sourced in the island.

Speaking of dining, we have a unique dining experience on the beach that you would find hard to duplicate in a typical hotel. It’s so special we’ve given it its own section:

Evening Brings A Magical Dining Experience You Won’t Find Anywhere Else in Bequia

We love traditional restaurants as much as the next person. But when we designed our first glamping experience in Antigua we went to pains to create a dining experience that would keep our guests on the beach while wowing their taste buds and promoting the delicious sense of self-sufficiency many of our guests expect from glamping. We came up with an experience that puts you in charge of creating something special while using a blend of traditional Caribbean Barbacoa and the Kenyan Koroga communal style of eating. And we’ve brought this experience to Bequia

To start the evening we light the beach with tiki torch lamps to create the perfect mood for the culinary masterpieces our guests are about to create. You choose from a menu with meats like lamb and chicken or seafood like lobster and fish, then add the seasonings and sauces you want. Red onion sauce, a delicious sweet pepper sauce, or a thick coconut curry sauce common around the Caribbean are all choices you can get creative with.

After you've decided on the main part of your meal, you get other add-ons like rotis, vegetables or corn on the cob. Since you're the chef you get to choose whatever sounds good from our menu when booking the experience. Once everything is organized, we deliver your ingredients with coal and barbeque equipment for an evening that is sublime in its simplicity.

If you’re wondering if we expect you to not imbibe, we also have that covered! When you choose from our menu, you’ll also get to add rums and a private bar with all the ingredients you need to mix your favorite cocktails.

As your meal cooks on the barbecue grill and the sun sets, the only thing left to do is exchange stories with your loved ones or the new friends you’ll meet while staying with us. We may be biased but our unique beach barbecue is unmatched in all of Bequia.

Our Unique Wellness Treatments Elevate Your Stay Into A Retreat

You can find run of the mill wellness activities scattered around Bequia. Spas and yoga are popular and easy to book. But we’ve intentionally designed a menu of wellness treatments that go beyond the usual offerings so that if you’re looking to get rid of built up stress you can easily design your own wellness retreat with unique therapies you won’t find anywhere else.

And since we’re so close to the ocean, your wellness treatments benefit from the magical power of the sea to aid in your healing.

Our unusual rhythmic drumming therapy is proven to bring healing to both body and spirit. Guided Caribbean style drumming sessions are done on the sand while the sea crashes close by. As the music travels through your body, it resets mood and clarifies the mind. But it’s the ocean air that will bring the healing your body needs. Read more about the health benefits of seaside glamping.

Perhaps our most unique wellness therapy is Shin Rin Yoku or Japanese forest bathing. We leave the beach and venture into the mountains lining Bequia to take in the cleaner air of the green forest. It's a unique way to get well but if what you're after is an unusual Bequia beach vacation you probably wouldn't have it any other way!

After rhythmic drumming and Shin Rin Yoku, you may want to try more traditional wellness therapies. Our beach yoga sessions happen while the ocean is rushing in next to your feet in the morning or afternoon. While you’re posing in your asanas and getting your breathing right, seeing and hearing the ocean is guaranteed to relax you more than yoga at a regular hotel would. If you prefer a body massage, you can also get one next to the sea. Our experienced masseuse gets rid of knots and blocked energy, while the sound of waves puts you to sleep.

And all our wellness treatments can be elevated with Medicinal Cannabis, sustainably grown on our own fertile soils. St. Vincent & the Grenadines is among those progressive nations who have made Medicinal Cannabis legal, safe and accessible. We make it easy for you to have an online consultation and choose from our Medicinal Cannabis menu, so that your CBD or THC prescriptions are waiting for you on arrival.

If you’re ready to experience a Bequia beach vacation in a unique way, see our beach glamping accommodations or book your stay with us.

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