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At the heart of the Caribbean, the idyllic island of Bequia, part of St. Vincent & the Grenadines archipelago, is welcoming a transformative wave in wellness tourism by embracing the therapeutic potential of both CBD and THC.

Allow us to introduce Wild Lotus Bequia, a sanctuary where the serenity of glamping intertwines with the healing properties of the cannabis plant. Read on to explore how we are revolutionizing the landscape of wellness retreats and cannabis tourism for wellness retreat leaders, event organizers, individuals, and couples.

The serenity of glamping intertwines with the healing properties of the cannabis plant

Discover an Undiscovered Gem: Wild Lotus Bequia

Just 7 miles long and 2 miles wide, Bequia is shaped like a lightning bolt and fringed by pristine beaches, exuding untouched beauty and charm at every turn. This island, although small in size, boasts a rich cultural tapestry with a beautiful diversity of cultures and people, a testament to its vibrant history.

You'll naturally sync with the island's rhythm upon arrival, undulating between tranquility and vitality.

This land exudes a raw, unspoiled charm, bereft of big resorts or mass tourism attractions. Instead, you'll discover quaint villages, lush green hills, and breathtaking turquoise waters lapping against pristine beaches.

At the heart of this paradise is Wild Lotus Bequia, offering an intimate, nature-filled glamping experience for a maximum of 11 guests. Here, your retreat is designed to immerse you in tranquility and well-being while embracing a cannabis-enhanced journey to wellness.
Every aspect of our retreat speaks to the authentic Bequia lifestyle, ensuring you a transformative experience enveloped by the island's natural beauty and culture.

Elevating Wellness: The Legal and Effortless Cannabis Experience at Wild Lotus Bequia

In the serene oasis of Wild Lotus Bequia, nestled within the progressive St Vincent & the Grenadines, your wellness journey is seamlessly intertwined with the healing properties of medicinal cannabis.

As the only resort in the Grenadines that fuses wellness with CBD and THC, we cater to all guests, regardless of their prior cannabis experience.

For U.S. guests, a scan of your medicinal cannabis card during booking ensures your prescription awaits you upon arrival. Those from regions where medicinal cannabis isn't yet recognized can benefit from an online consultation ahead of their stay.

Our Greenhouse Cafe provides an array of over-the-counter CBD products for those who prefer milder options. Immerse yourself in a realm where more profound relaxation, heightened imagination, and vibrant sensory perception are everyday experiences.

Dive into this transformative journey where legality, simplicity, and enchanting Caribbean nature merge, exclusively at Wild Lotus Bequia.

Unearth the Power of Nature, Wellness, and Cannabis

Our retreats offer a unique blend of nature, wellness activities, and medicinal cannabis.

Each element complements and enhances the other, providing a multi-faceted approach to well-being, which we’ll explain in greater depth below.

Rejuvenate with Yoga and CBD

In the cloudless environment of Wild Lotus Bequia, our yoga sessions aim to create a transformative mind-body experience.

The practice of yoga enhances flexibility, reduces stress, and improves balance. When coupled with CBD, a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis known for its anxiety and inflammation-reducing properties, these effects can be significantly magnified.

CBD helps to create a state of heightened relaxation, making it easier to tune into your body's needs and responses during yoga. Furthermore, the presence of terpenes in certain strains of cannabis can further augment this experience, working synergistically with yoga to bring about a sense of peace and clarity that permeates the entire session.

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Experience Tranquility with Shinrin Yoku and CBD or THC

Shinrin Yoku, or forest bathing, brings you into an intimate connection with the unspoiled tropical trees of Bequia.

Stress is slowly relieved by focusing on the sensations of nature around you, and your immune system receives a natural boost from the aromatic forest terpenes. This experience can be further enriched when combined with CBD's calming effects.

CBD is known for relieving anxiety and creating a sense of deep tranquility. For those with a THC prescription, our guides will facilitate its use during forest immersion, enhancing your connection with nature and providing an even more immersive experience.

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Revitalize Through Massage and CBD

A massage is one of the most direct ways to alleviate stress and tension in the body.

By infusing our massages with CBD oils, we aim to provide an even more powerful antidote to tension and discomfort. When applied topically, CBD can interact directly with localized cannabinoid receptors in the body, providing potential relief from pain, inflammation, and skin irritation.

The relaxing setting of Wild Lotus Bequia, coupled with the soothing effects of CBD, creates a massage experience that rejuvenates both body and mind.

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Purify with Thalassotherapy and CBD

Experience nature's ultimate detoxifier with our unique Thalassotherapy.

Using saltwater from the Caribbean Sea, our treatments help you detox, heal, and rejuvenate. Combined with locally made CBD bath salts, this therapy can be a powerful tool for promoting skin health, relieving aches, and combating free radicals that damage your immune system.

With the breathtaking ocean views and healing particles in the ocean air, your mind is clarified as your body detoxifies. For an even more spectacular experience, we suggest booking your treatment at sunset and adding one of our health-boosting options.

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Find Your Rhythm with Drum Therapy and THC

Drum therapy is an ancient practice that promotes healing and self-expression.

The rhythmic beats can have a soothing effect on the mind, reducing stress and increasing feelings of well-being. This therapy can become an even more profound experience when paired with THC. THC's psychoactive properties can help induce a relaxed focus, enhancing the feelings of unity and connection brought about by the drum therapy.

Ultimately, drum therapy is a fusion of sound, sensation, and cannabinoid science, creating a unique and uplifting wellness experience.

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Dare to Transform: Begin Your Journey with Wild Lotus Bequia

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey where the boundaries between the ordinary and extraordinary blur?

Wild Lotus Bequia extends a warm invitation to a world where wellness, nature, CBD and THC harmoniously blend. Dive deep into the serene rhythm of the Caribbean, awaken your senses, and discover a new dimension of self-discovery and rejuvenation.
Don’t wait for the change; be the change.

Whether you’re a wellness retreat leader, event organizer, or couple, visit our website to explore more about our offerings, or take the leap and book your journey with us today. Let the magic of Wild Lotus Bequia guide you to a realm of endless possibilities and unforgettable experiences.

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