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Glamping has always been fashionable. Thanks to Covid19, it’s now more than a passing trend. Like your grandma’s chicken soup for a cold, glamping became the popular choice for vacationers seeking a cure for lockdowns and isolation during the pandemic. If you didn’t go glamping because of severe lockdowns in your city or town, your Instagram account probably made you wish you could.

Gloomy pandemic restrictions are long gone. But glamping is here to stay. Long, healing breaths in nature’s fresher air, healthy helpings of Vitamin D along with that tan you inevitably get from being outdoors, and a kind of therapy you can only experience in the music of nature are a few reasons glamping is still so popular. As the Caribbean’s glamping experts, we know of plenty more. Here are 9 benefits of glamping that may be just the push you need if you’re on the fence about going glamping.

Glamping Melts Your Away Stress

Cool water sprays down onto your body while you gaze into the sun. With every lather you glimpse a new sight. To your right is a banana tree with real bananas growing on its trunk, to your left the wildest colors on the wildest flowers you’ve ever seen. You turn your private shower off to investigate the red flower. Is it really growing out of the sand?

When you begin your shower again, a slight breeze brings in the salty tanginess from the ocean and your shoulders droop in complete surrender.

These aren’t images you could easily conjure if you’re thinking of staying in a hotel. While we took those images straight from one of our luxury beach glamping tents in Antigua, losing your everyday stresses to the magic of nature is a benefit common to all glamping resorts.

Whether you choose to glamp on a mountain or by the sea, being outside in nature is guaranteed to melt your stress away and rejuvenate your spirit. The combination of the therapeutic rays of the sun and the stimulating sights of the outdoors have all been proven to combat stress. Other documented health benefits of nature like an uptick in empathy, better cognitive performance, and improved memory guarantee a healthier you after your vacation.

Improves Health With Natural Vitamin D From The Sun

We are about to go deep into the science of Vitamin D but we promise it will be well worth it if you read to the end. You already know that Vitamin D boosts your immune system. But the hard to come by vitamin has also been proven to help lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, improve mood, accelerate recovery after illness, and improve sleep. Recent studies suggest it may even protect against Covid19.

It’s simply an amazing vitamin. Except for one glaring problem. Our modern lifestyles make it difficult to obtain Vitamin D. Sunlight is the most important source of Vitamin D, providing about 90% of total Vitamin D needs. But depending on where you live and your lifestyle it’s likely you aren’t getting much sun. It’s estimated that as much as 70% of the US and UK population are deficient in Vitamin D due to office jobs and long winters.

This is where glamping shines if you’re deciding between glamping and your typical hotel room. Glamping sites are outdoors where you can easily get your recommended dose of Vitamin D while you relax. It goes without saying that you’ll lose out on this important benefit of glamping if it’s winter and you choose a glamping site in a location with winter weather. We recommend choosing a tropical Glamping site where along with Vitamin D, the sun provides romantic sunsets perfect for holding hands and gazing into forever.

Call us biased, but if you visit our beach glamping accommodations we think you’ll agree our luxury tents and our secluded beach are the perfect way to get Vitamin D.

Increases Happiness

Glamping ticks many boxes when it comes to emotional health. Fresh air brings more oxygen to the brain than recycled air, thereby improving mood, and sunshine naturally induces feelings of wellness. One other benefit of glamping you'll appreciate if you've been feeling down in the dumps is the boost to happiness the sounds and sights of nature bring.

Research has now settled that both images of nature and actually being outside in nature increase happiness. While watching a slideshow of photographs taken in nature sounds fine, going glamping in the real thing trumps that any day!

Improves Mood With Non-Recycled, Fresh Air

During the pandemic hotels found they had much to change. Conditioned and reconditioned air were out of style. Being cooped up with hundreds of other guests breathing the same air was also a thing of the past. Everybody needed the freshest air possible and hotels were at a loss to provide it.

Glamping resorts were not. Wide open grounds where air freely comes and goes meant glamping resorts were ready to host guests with little risk to health. And glamping tents and pods being detached from each other made them the obvious choice. Apart from the clear benefits during a pandemic, fresh air provides more oxygen with every breath you take. Increased oxygen improves brain functions, mood, blood pressure and stress.

Like other glamping sites, at Wild Lotus Glamping, we found there was little we needed to change during Covid. Mainly, we needed to minimize contact between staff and guests. So, we provided the best cordless Hoover on the market so guests could get rid of any stray sands that had found their way into the tents themselves, and more linens to lessen housekeeping. But those other problems?

We didn’t bat an eye. Our secluded beach and detached tents were already perfectly positioned to take advantage of the fresh ocean air. Some days there’s even a breeze rustling the white sands ever so slightly! Curious to know what to expect from beach glamping? Read our guide to beach glamping.

Glamping By The Ocean Improves Sleep

Insufficient sleep is part and parcel of modern life. There’s the mad rush from the train to the office and back again, everyday job and family stresses, and those less-than-calming city sounds!

Glamping comes with a whole set of nature sounds and factors that induce deep, immune boosting sleep. We’re sure this benefit is true of many glamping resorts. But seaside glamping accommodations like ours seem to have the highest reports of improved sleep. One of the things most commented on by our guests is how much they love being lulled to sleep by the music of the sea.

With the lullaby of the waves as the only sound on our secluded beach at nights, guests report having deeper and longer sleep than they would normally. Science backs them up too! This study found that people sleep on average for 47 minutes longer the night after a decent seaside walk while those who go for an inland walk of a similar length sleep only for an additional 12 minutes. The negative hydrogen ions in our sea air has something to do with this. We’re sure that the fact that our glamping tents are 20 steps away from the ocean does too!

Glamping on the Beach Gives You More Exercise

Speaking of steps, glamping outdoors has the additional benefit of boosting your step count for the day. With miles of outdoor space to explore and no modern contraptions like escalators or elevators, glamping is a sure way to get some heart helping exercise into your vacation.

If you’re glamping in a forest or in the mountains you can be sure that hiking from place to place will give you more physical activity than you could get in your regular day to day life. If you chose a tropical paradise to glamp in, you have powder white sands as your gym.

Calling sand a gym is no exaggeration. Guests often rave about how harder their legs work while strolling down our white sands. They find they’re maximizing the effect of walking as exercise without even thinking about it. If you’re looking for more exercise, our experiences include personal trainers, yoga, cardio drumming, and forest treks.

Broadens Your Mind With Novel Experiences

With glamping no two days are ever the same unless you want them to be. Because nature is ever changing, while exploring the surrounding areas of your glamping grounds you’re likely to walk into something unusual or brand new. These novel experiences open your eyes and brain to new ways of seeing the world that can literally rewire your brain.

Maybe it’s a new plant you walk into while hiking. Or you swim into a species of fish you’ve never seen before while swimming in the ocean. Your instagram will look more interesting but it’s your mind that will be the real winner.

Glamping Helps You Unplug

In a world where technology dominates it can be difficult to unplug. When you go glamping you don’t have a choice. You may have power banks to power your devices and there may be wifi, but when you’re surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, the pull to go exploring outweighs everything else.

Even if you’re able to resist nature, most tents and glamping pods are not set up to promote the technology based lifestyle we’ve all gotten used to. With no Smart TV hanging on the wall and no 100 channels included packages, it’s easy to forget everything and focus on wellness.

Glamping Benefits Your Romantic Relationship

When you glamp on a beach you own in the morning hours and again at night, reviving the romance with your hubby is a welcome side effect. Our beach belongs to our guests for a few hours every morning when the day is new. It’s the perfect time for holding hands and gazing out into the unending turquoise horizon while you dream of your own forever.

In the early evenings when the beach empties again our couples find the Antiguan sunset simply magical as they await the lighting of the tiki lamps and twinkling fairy lights we use for night time lighting. As they watch the sun disappear and the twinkling lights come on, we can sometimes hear a barely audible sigh.

It’s hardly obvious, just like the luxury found in nature. It’s overt, a gentle whisper carried on the wind from the ocean. It may not be for everybody, but if you’re looking for a subdued kind of luxury, glamping benefits your romantic relationship in ways you wouldn’t expect. If you’re ready to book your own romantic trip, visit our reservations page for our latest specials and experiences.

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