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Wild Lotus has created glamping joint ventures to help micro tourism businesses grow faster and greener

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Wild Lotus Glamping partners with local farmers, plantation owners, community based organisations, and guardians of areas of outstanding natural beauty to create unique and profitable joint venture glamping opportunities.

Adapt and thrive during climate change

The versatility of Lotus Belle tents means that rural micro-tourism businesses can adapt and thrive despite the impact of climate change.
Sustainability, diversification and increased revenue of land our joint venture partnerships promote economic security and protect the environment.

Partnership Models
Franchise Model

The landowner leads the venture, sets the pace of development of the site, and is the operational managing partner. We charge a fee for the supply of the Lotus Belle tents, and charge a percentage commission on customer acquisition. As the site owner you manage the guest experience and you retain the profits.

Shared Management Model

We hold a lease agreement and supply the Lotus Belle tents at no cost. The landowner is the operational managing partner and manages the guest experience. We're responsible for customer acquisition and we share the profits.

Managed Model

We lead the venture, set the pace of the development of the site in agreement with the land owner, and we are the operational managing partner. We manage the entire customer journey from acquisition to experience and post stay. You receive a passive income from the lease, or an income package based on a profit shares.

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