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Common Questions

All tents at our Bequia site come with a beautiful full ensuite bathroom and a stunning outdoor rainfall shower set in a lush tropical garden.

For the tropical hot tub experience choose our Super Deluxe tent and you can step out of the back door of your Lotus Belle tent directly into your private spa.

This is your private retreat space, where you can spend the evening sipping champagne whilst relaxing together in a deep, wood-fired hot tub surrounded by playful palms, exotic flowers, climbing plants and banana trees.

Wifi at Wild Lotus Bequia is fast and free. Book direct and get a complimentary SIM card preloaded with 10 MB data so you can stay connected even whilst you’re off exploring.

Digicel 4G LTE delivers the ultimate high speed mobile network experience so that you can download files (and upload selfies) 10x faster than with 3G.

Each tent has a 150 watt solar panel and a 500 watt power bank as standard. Upgrade to the Super Deluxe tent and enjoy the flexibility of a 1000 watt power bank. Either way, this is plenty to keep your phones and laptops charged.
Yes – you can message us through the app and use our virtual assistant to reserve your spot with selected tour operators. There’s a great blog here for things to do in Bequia. For more personalized tours you can use the app to chat to a member of the team
Services & Extras

$20 / pp

A breakfast of fresh pastries & local jams with tea or filter coffee.

Fire Pit & Logs


A large copper firepit with plenty of wood to burn into the night.

Firepit Barbacao

$40 / pp

Cook your own Caribbean BBQ on a copper fire-pit & grill

Beach Fireball


Large fireball with wood & fuel to set the night ablaze.

Chilled Champagne


A bottle of chilled champagne. On arrival or to order.

Jeep Hire

from $70USD per day

Ask about our Explorer Rate to get Jeep Hire included with your stay. Or we'll arrange small car rentals

Treatments & Therapies
CBD Oil Massage Therapy

$99 / pp

An invigorating full body deep tissue massage. Using a blend of Cannabidiol oil with Paracetamol Bush and Aloe Vera. Freshly picked from our garden to create a powerful pain-relieving balm.

Blue Mind Yoga

$90 / pp

Focus your senses on the ebb and flow of the tide, and float into a meditative state. Practising on the shoreline encourages a more peaceful pace of thought, where creativity, insight, and connection with others are enhanced.

Shinrin Yoku Eco Therapy

$55 / pp

Immerse your senses, lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system in the chemist of forest air. Whether you take a slow hike or simply meditate under the rainforest canopy, take your time, breathe, and take in the beneficial health effects of Forest Bathing

Cardio Drumming


Feel like a rock star! Cardio drumming is challenging, exhilarating and euphoric. It’s a fun cardio workout set to music that boosts the immune system and reduces tension, anxiety and stress. Drum to the beat of positive self-talk and heart pumping rhythms. One hour later, you’re walking on air.