Sustainable Tourism at Wild Lotus

Experience nature unspoilt

We believe sustainable tourism is key to preserving the beauty of our planet and protecting it for generations to come. We aim to provide our guests with the freedom to experience nature unspoilt while minimizing our environmental impact.

Sustainable Tourism

Leave a small footprint

We understand that traveling by air is often the only way to reach our beautiful Caribbean destinations. However, by choosing glamping over traditional hotel stays, you can make a significant impact on offsetting your carbon footprint. Our off-grid locations, sustainability management practices, and return to nature ethos help us keep our carbon footprint low.

Harnessing the Sun's power

The Caribbean sun shines brightly, and we harness its energy to generate our own electricity. By reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuels, we help improve air and water quality in the islands. Using clean and renewable solar energy also means that we do not produce any greenhouse gases.

Reducing Plastic Pollution

We are committed to reducing plastic pollution and have eliminated all single-use plastics from our sites. We encourage our guests to join us in this effort and to bring their own reusable water bottles.

Partnerships & Initiatives

We partner with local farmers, plantation owners, community-based organizations, and guardians of areas of outstanding natural beauty to create unique and profitable joint venture glamping opportunities. By promoting sustainability, diversification, and increased revenue of land, our joint venture partnerships help protect the environment and promote economic security. Our partnerships include:


Keeping land in the family for future generations


Restoring the island after Hurricane Irma


Pioneering sustainable tourism to protect the fragile ecosystems of Grenadines