Nourishment & Medicine at the Greenhouse Cafe

The best place to eat in Bequia

The Greenhouse Cafe, our restaurant-cum-medicinal cannabis dispensary, is the best place to eat in Bequia. It’s also the coolest place to spend time blissfully doing nothing.

Fresh, wholesome foods come as standard, or choose from our CBD infused menu for added relaxation. Alternatively, if you want a lovely place to just be, and let the wonder plant work its magic, visit our dispensary, peruse our Cannabis menu and kick back, relax and enjoy.


Accompany your delicious meal with our special selection of CBD or THC infused sauces, dressings and drizzles.


Your breakfast is a bounty of tropical fruit picked straight from the trees, with oven baked breads and pastries. Enjoy with freshly ground Caribbean coffee beans, or infusions made with herbs hand picked from the garden.


Make lunch last the whole day whilst you’re grazing on a colourful, CBD infused Tapas Platter offering a fine selection of creative, tasty dishes. Or perhaps you spent the morning with one of our friendly local fishermen, so for lunch you’ll be grilling your catch.


For dinner, experience the Arawak tradition of cooking and eating together around the firepit, under the stars. Whole spices are ground just before cooking, so they are bursting with aromatic flavours and scents. You’ll find yourself grilling freshly prepared vegetables and seasoning meat and fish just as you like it. Together you and your friends create amazing food flavours. That’s why we can guarantee you’re eating at the best restaurant in Bequia.

Happy Hour

Do we have a Happy Hour? Every hour is ‘Happy Hour’.

Greenhouse Cafe - Opening Hours

Breakfast - 8am
Lunch - High noon - until
Dinner - Sunset - until

The Greenhouse Cafe at Wild Lotus is not open to the public, apart from the occasional Cannabis supper club. Please enquire here for private bookings.