Beach Yoga

Lose tension from your mind and body

A restorative ‘blue mind’ yoga session on the shores of our soothing ocean is the perfect way to lose tension from your mind and body. Sessions are conducted on the beach, early in the morning when the ocean waves are calmest and the sun has just peeked out. Feel your mind slow down as our experienced instructor guides you to focus on your breathing and concentrate on your asanas.

Strengthen your immune system

With every pose, essential Vitamin D straight from the morning sun penetrates your body to boost your mood and strengthen your immune system, while the stretches ease aches and improve flexibility. Fellow guests also participating in the classes provide connection for your soul and friendly conversation as you walk down the beach at the end of your session. To elevate your experience, choose any of the below service extras.

Wellness Add-ons
Bountiful Breakfast

After your sunrise beach yoga session you’ll need some nourishment. Breakfast at the Greenhouse Cafe is designed to be wholesome and filling to see you through the day's adventures. Enjoy a bounty of fresh tropical fruits and fresh pastries, or a delicious cooked breakfast. Book direct and get breakfast included in your rate.

CBD and THC Anxiety Relief Products

CBD tinctures and vapes are the perfect add ons if you want more targeted help with anxiety or an unbalanced mood. Vaping is permitted in the Greenhouse Cafe and other designated outdoor areas so feel free to relax with your CBD on the beach before or after your yoga session. Learn more about how Cannabis can enhance your practice

CBD and THC available only in our Bequia resort and can be purchased onsite

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