Full Body Massage

The therapeutic power of natural botanicals

Melt away aches and knots of both the physical and mental kind with the therapeutic power of natural botanicals and the trained hands of our masseuse. Choose a gentler Swedish massage on the beach or in our nearby massage pavilion, if everyday stresses have brought knots and aches to your body and what you desire is utter relaxation by the sea. If your pain or stiffness is more pronounced, choose deep tissue massage for deeper manipulation and relief.

Pain relief and skin soothing benefits

As your masseuse begins, watch while fresh aloe vera and paracetamol bush is picked from our garden and mixed into your oils for ultimate pain relief and skin soothing benefits. Charged ocean air improves respiration and skin issues. And the sound of waves induce deep relaxation that may put you to sleep. For added healing choose any of the add-ons below.

Wellness Add-ons
After Massage Tapas

After you’ve lost every ounce of stress from your body, rejuvenate on a healthy note with a wellness focused Tapas board at the Greenhouse Cafe, our restaurant cum dispensary. Our selection of seeds, roots, vegetables, and cannabis based sauces and drizzles add hard to get nutrients while being delicious. We’ve also intentionally focused on healthy grilling methods, and fresh fish, caught daily, rooted in Bequian seafaring culture and consistent with the historical ruins our bar and restaurant in Bequia call home.

CBD and THC Relief

A body massage is the perfect time to add pain relieving CBD oils and lotions to your wellness experience. With the help of your masseuse, your CBD addition of choice will penetrate deeply to bring additional relaxation and relief. If you have a THC prescription, your masseuse is happy to incorporate it into your experience.

CBD and THC products available only in our Bequia resort and can be purchased onsite

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