Rhythmic Drumming

Get back in rhythm with the world

If you’ve lost touch with yourself and those around you or simply need to reset your mind and reconnect with a changing world, our rhythmic drumming sessions offer the therapeutic sounds you need to help you get back in rhythm. Drumming circles facilitated by a local musician allow you to hear the rhythm of others in the session and follow their beat or create your own beat to complement what you hear.

Stress and anxiety melt away

As you create and follow the sounds filling the air, the law of entrainment puts you back in touch with those around you and with the pace beating inside your own heart. Blood pressure lowers and stress and anxiety melt away. Techniques like chanting and positive talk anchor you in your rediscovered self.

Wellness Add-ons
The Greenhouse Cafe

If you’ve worked up a hunger after the session, then relax at the Greenhouse cafe and enjoy the tradition of cooking with others, in the style of the indigenous Awarak Indians. A traditional healthy meal grilled on the BBQ with the new friends you’ve just made is the perfect way to end the day. Our selection of seed, roots, vegetables, and cannabis based sauces and additions add hard to get nutrients while being delicious. At the Greenhouse Cafe, our on-site dispensary and restaurant, we’ve intentionally focused on healthy grilling methods, and fresh fish, caught daily, rooted in Bequian seafaring culture and consistent with the historical ruins our bar and restaurant in Bequia call home.

CBD and THC Products

If you’re staying with us in Bequia, add any of our CBD or THC products to your drumming session for heightened reconnection to yourself.

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