Shinrin Yoku

Deepen your connection with virgin nature

Our Shinrin Yoku, or guided Japanese forest bathing, brings you intimately close to tropical trees untouched for generations and ripe for healing. As you follow your guide’s lead and deepen your connection with virgin nature, pure phytoncides emitted by the ancient trees make their way into your body and become one with you.

Lower blood pressure, improve mental health

Stress is slowly relieved and your immune system gets a boost from these aromatic forest terpenes. Birdsong and the blues and greens of nature magically soothe your soul, lower blood pressure, and improve mental health. Slowed breathing, a calmer mind, and being in the moment are natural byproducts.

Wellness Add-ons
The Greenhouse Cafe

A relaxing meal focused on optimal health is the perfect way to end your forest experience. Our selection of seed, roots, vegetables, and cannabis based sauces and additions add hard to get nutrients while being delicious. At the Greenhouse Cafe, our on site dispensary and restaurant, we've intentionally focused on healthy grilling methods, and fresh fish, caught daily, rooted in Bequian seafaring culture and consistent with the historical ruins our bar and restaurant in Bequia call home.

CBD and THC Products of your Choice

For enhanced mental clarity and relief from anxiety add your CBD product of choice to your forest experience. If you have a THC prescription, your guide will also facilitate it during your forest immersion

CBD and THC products available only in our Bequia resort and can be purchased onsite

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Full Body Massage
Rhythmic Drumming