Nature’s Best Detoxifiers

Being steps away from one of nature’s best detoxifiers works to your advantage when you stay with us. We use salt water taken straight from the Caribbean Sea. Locally made CBD bath salts are added to help you detox, elevate healing, and emerge brand new.

Clarifies Your Mind

As the minerals penetrate, you lose toxins, aches, free radicals damaging your immune system, and skin pollutants. Breathtaking views of the ocean and the healing particles in ocean air heighten relaxation and clarifies your mind. This treatment is only available in Bequia.

To make the most of our Thalassotherapy, we suggest booking your experience at sunset and choosing one of our romantic or health boosting add ons below.

Wellness Add-ons
Cocktails and Refreshments

For the most memorable experience, book your thalassotherapy session as the sun paints the sky orange and add cocktails to enjoy as the sun goes down in style with your loved ones by your side.

Our Cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to share with a romantic partner or your group of friends. But if you're flying solo, you can enjoy your drink with the new people you're bound to meet while glamping with us, or if you prefer, simply relax with your thoughts as the sun disappears.​

CBD and THC Pain and Skin Relief Products

For potent relief from pain or added relaxation, CBD and THC lotions, tinctures and capsules prescriptions can be purchased at the Greenhouse Cafe, our restaurant cum dispensary to enhance your Thalassotherapy treatment. We also recommend CBD lotions** after your treatment for added skin soothing.

CBD and THC products available only in our Bequia resort and can be purchased onsite

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